SBS asks, are you a genius?

New quizzes test Australias intelligence ahead of series premiere of Child Genius Read the News Release here (PDF)

12 November 2018

News Release

SBS Learn has released a range of quizzes and puzzles inspired by the new SBS series, Child Genius, giving Australian students the chance to test their own intellect — and their classmates.

For more than a decade, Australia's education performance has been declining on the world stage*. As a nation, we pride ourselves on our sporting excellence while academic achievements are often overlooked. For the first time ever, Child Genius will bring together children from across the country in a contest to find Australia's brightest child. 

Presented in association with Australian Mensa and presided over by quizmaster, Dr Susan Carland, Child Genius follows the lives of some of Australia's brightest children and their families. These gifted children all have very high IQs and showcase phenomenal cognitive abilities in maths, general knowledge, memory and language.

Across six episodes, audiences will meet 19 participants and their families, sharing unique insight into the joys — and challenges — of parenting a gifted child. From the mini science buff to the musical prodigy; the ultimate dictionary-reading wordsmith and even a couple of kids whose parents had no idea how clever they were until they sat the Child Genius IQ test!

To celebrate the series' premiere, SBS Learn has created a range of interactive quizzes and puzzles to encourage audiences to see if they are as smart as a genius.

The interactive quizzes feature some of the challenging questions from the series that would stump even the smartest adults, alongside brand new puzzles written by former Director of Australian Mensa and Australia's unofficial puzzle queen, Therese Moodie-Bloom.

Through SBS Learn, users can challenge others to test themselves online, or share them between students, classrooms and different schools. The quizzes and puzzles are available in multiple languages so students can test both their IQs and their language skills.

Child Genius will air over two weeks in November — Monday 12, Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 and Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 November at 7.30pm on SBS.

The new interactive quizzes and brain teasers are available at SBS Learn, with new quizzes to come after each episode this week.

Child Genius is a Warner Bros International Television Production Australia production for SBS.