SBS Code of Practice Complaints

The SBS Code of Practice sets out the principles and policies SBS uses to guide its programming. A complaint alleging SBS has breached its Code of Practice is reviewed as a Code Complaint and investigated independently by the SBS Ombudsman. Information about how the SBS Ombudsman manages complaints is set out in the SBS Code of Practice – read more here.

Code Complaints cover all SBS content on any platform including television, radio, SBS digital media services (such as SBS On Demand, SBS online and podcasts) and SBS’s social media platforms. A complaint can only be made after content has been broadcast or uploaded and must be received within four weeks of the original publication or broadcast or the date the content was first made available on an SBS digital media service.

Complaints concerning the SBS Code of Practice may include, but are not limited to, allegations of prejudice and discrimination, classification of content, balance and accuracy of news and current affairs content.

For a complaint to be investigated, the complainant must be an Australian resident and is required to:

  1. Identify themselves (provide name, address, email address). 
  2. Identify the content (channel, program, website address, date viewed/heard/read). 
  3. Outline the nature of the complaint (including, if possible, the relevant code from the SBS Code of Practice).   

The Office of the SBS Ombudsman will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 30 days of receipt, but in any event must do so within 60 days. Complainants who have received a response relating to TV or radio content, and who remain dissatisfied, may seek a review with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Submit a complaint in relation to the SBS Codes of Practice here