SBS Learn

Source: SBS

SBS Learn is the education function of SBS, providing students and teachers around Australia with educational resources linked to SBS programs.

SBS produces programs that are highly-esteemed as teaching and learning resources. SBS Learn makes it easier to use these programs in classrooms.

We develop resources in accordance with the Australian schools’ curriculum, helping teachers and students from Early Childhood through to Tertiary levels.

Working with leading education specialists from all over Australia, SBS Learn produces in-depth, high quality study guides and teaching packs, written to carefully align with relevant curricula. Users can also find clips from long-form SBS programs that are selected and edited specifically for classroom use.

Our online library of reliable, specialised materials enables Australians to explore SBS’s factual programs, drama series, news and current affairs, sport, NITV programs, multi-lingual content and other productions from right across the network.

While designed primarily for teachers and students, the SBS Learn website is free for all Australians to access.

SBS Learn is regularly updated with new materials. Sign up to the SBS Learn e-newsletter to receive up-to-date information about available resources.

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