SBS’s iconic news and current affairs shows return on 25 February from 8.30pm

Source: SBS

Insight and Dateline return, and The Feed joins SBS with an all new look on Tuesdays.

SBS today announced its Tuesday night news and current affairs line-up will launch on Tuesday 25 February from 8.30pm AEDT. Insight, Dateline and The Feed will return with brand new episodes that explore global issues and events, deliver hard-hitting investigations, connect audiences with first person stories from across Australia and also take a lighter look at life.

The Feed will join SBS from SBS VICELAND in a new studio format focused on issues-based reporting and presented by Australia’s most diverse television current affairs team: Marc Fennell, Alice Matthews and Alex Lee.

From the Iowa caucuses and drugs in Fiji, to voluntary assisted dying and age gaps in relationships, Dateline and Insight will cover the stories abroad and at-home that deepen our understanding of the world around us.

SBS’s news and current affairs will continue to tell impactful and distinctive stories from voices that would otherwise be unseen and unheard.

SBS Director of News and Current Affairs, Jim Carroll, said: “SBS is justifiably proud of our current affairs content delivered across linear and digital platforms.

“As our programs return for the 2020 television season, with The Feed joining the Tuesday evening schedule, we will showcase Australia’s most compelling storytelling. As always we will be probing and uncovering the issues that matter most to our audiences.”

“With many major events, globally and nationally, already on the agenda and with our TV programs complemented by the highest quality digital output, this promises to be the most exciting year for SBS current affairs.” 

Insight, 8.30pm

Insight is Australia's leading forum for discussion and powerful people centred stories. Each week, host Jenny Brockie uses her unique skills to guide a lively debate on a single topic - from matchmakers, burnout, footy concussions, to being wrongfully convicted, there is no topic Insight won’t explore.

Coming Out With Faith

While LGBTIQ+ rights and representation have come a long way, for those who come from a faith based family or community, the journey can be a lot more complicated and the risks can be severe. As our guests explain, trying to keep these two incompatible parts of their identity together can be painful, confusing and even impossible. Insight hears from guests about the extreme lengths their faith has driven them to in order to change their sexuality – from prayers to exorcisms – and the reactions from their families and religious communities when they have been brave enough to come out.

With case studies from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, host Jenny Brockie’s questions dive deep into the very personal conflict between religion and sexuality, and how the two can be reconciled. This moving episode looks at a richly complex and timeless topic that is rarely discussed in such detail and so openly.

Dateline, 9.30pm

Dateline is an award-winning international documentary series with a current affairs backbone. Each week Dateline scours the globe to uncover special characters and a world of daring stories.

Vietnam’s Hard Knocks Kitchen

Cook and television presenter Adam Liaw reports from Vietnam to see if a love of food can help the country’s street kids and orphans find a brighter future. An Australian-run cooking school in Hanoi is training some of Vietnam’s most disadvantaged young people in cooking and other hospitality skills. But can the students Adam meets handle the heat in the kitchen? Adam also ventures into Hanoi’s underbelly to meet the “Children of the Dust”; kids living on the streets in conditions that leave him shocked.

The Feed, 10pm

Presented by Marc Fennell, Alice Matthews and Alex Lee, the multi Walkley Award-winning program will continue to break new ground with its compelling mix of current affairs and comedy, interviews and investigations.

Squatting in Empty Homes

Squatting in empty homes: are they freeloaders scamming the system or victims of a housing market run red hot? Enter the world of illegal squatting. Plus: the Black Eyed Peas take Marc Fennell through their wild, unexpected journey of becoming one of the biggest, most influential music groups in history.

SBS’s news and current affairs line-up airs from 8.30pm Tuesdays on SBS.

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