SBS supports multicultural communities with Rapid Antigen Test information in more than 50 languages

Source: SBS

SBS is continuing to support Australia’s multicultural communities through the COVID-19 pandemic, publishing a series of infographics explaining how to correctly use a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), which will be made available in more than 50 languages.

Four separate infographics have been produced clearly outlining the steps involved to correctly undertake a RAT, including guides to taking a sample, extracting that sample, testing the sample and reading the results. They have been shared and continue to be available on SBS’s social media channels for each language.

These latest resources are part of SBS’s ongoing work in serving Australia’s diverse multicultural communities during the pandemic, ensuring vital information that they may not otherwise be able to access in their language of choice, is easily available and tailored to their needs.

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, David Hua, said, “We hope that this will be a useful resource for individuals, businesses, schools, and organisations large and small. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and there is a growing need for self-monitoring and self-testing through Rapid Antigen Tests, it is crucial that the testing process is clearly understood and carried out correctly. With many test instructions only available in English there is a risk that they can be misunderstood which can affect the health of the whole community. SBS is proud to continue playing a key role in ensuring vital information is available and accessible for culturally and linguistically diverse communities by producing these latest infographics in more than 50 languages, helping to keep all Australians informed and safe.”

Since the start of the pandemic, SBS has been delivering an extensive range of COVID-19 services across its platforms, supporting the many Australians who speak a language other than English and providing access to information in their preferred language. This includes the SBS Multilingual Coronavirus Portal, which curates SBS’s COVID-19 news and information in more than 60 languages in one, easily shareable destination: Since its launch in March 2020, over 11 million unique visitors in Australia have accessed the website and its resources.

David Hua added, “Over the course of the pandemic, SBS has continued to introduce new initiatives and services for audiences – from live translating daily COVID-19 press conferences, to producing videos sharing critical health information at every stage, and busting myths and misinformation. Our role in being there for communities, across our more than 60 language services, continues to be critical. We are part of the communities we serve and we’re proud to continue to respond to meet their needs and adapt and expand our offering.”


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