SBS supports school study of global refugee crisis

New education resources for documentary series, Go Back To Where You Came From Live Read the News Release here (PDF).

 3 October 2018

News Release

SBS has released new educational resources to coincide with the return of documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From Live, which takes the pulse of the evolving global refugee crisis in real time in SBS's most ambitious television event to date.

The new resources provide a classroom guide to contextualising the global refugee crisis and encourage consideration of the issue from a range of perspectives. Developed in partnership with the Australian Red Cross, the resources are tailored to English students in Years 10 to 12 and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

SBS Learn, part of the wider SBS Content Outreach initiative, developed the resources as part of broader aims to extend conversations around national issues explored within SBS programming. The new content joins a wide range of existing educational materials aligned to previous seasons of the award-winning SBS series.

Teachers will have access to SBS and International Committee of the Red Cross materials including clips, news articles, excerpts from Dateline, The Feed and Where Are You Really From? episodes, interactives, and photo galleries. Each of these different resources feature reflection and discussion questions, which will provide deeper context of the global crisis and help students to further explore the topic of mass migration.

The refugee crisis continues to be the world's greatest humanitarian disaster with 68.5 million* displaced persons worldwide. In Australia, policies around refugees continue to polarise, as the refugee and asylum seeker debate continues to be both complex and divisive.

Over three nights from 2 — 4 October, Australian audiences will follow events live from conflict hotspots and frontlines across multiple continents, witnessing the complexity of mass human migration and its ripple effects in 2018.

The participants, each with pre-conceived ideas about refugees, will glimpse the reality of life in disputed territories, at border crossings and inside refugee camps. They will get a first-hand experience of the global refugee crisis beyond the headlines, protests and policies, and opinions from all sides of the debate will be challenged.  

Go Back To Where You Came From Live airs over three consecutive nights, 2 — 4 October, 8.30pm, live on SBS and streaming live on SBS On Demand.

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About SBS Learn
SBS Learn forms part of the wider SBS Content Outreach initiative which aims to extend conversations around national issues explored within SBS programming. SBS Learn supports this aim through the creation of freely accessible quality educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum to stimulate learning and provide opportunities for teachers and students to use SBS content in education settings.