What SBS Tells Me About Australia

The SBS experience has shown that Australia’s cultural diversity can be a source of inspiration, discovery and personal transformation.

As a guardian of Australia’s cultural and creative identity, SBS is committed to telling stories - stories that help Australians understand who we are, where we have come from and what we could become. SBS gives expression to a wide range of perspectives and voices across all platforms as part of its desire to reflect the true diversity of Australia, to all Australians.

From drama to documentary, online forums to radio talkback, SBS provides a vehicle for greater understanding and connection between the many different groups that make up Australian society.

SBS makes a unique contribution to the development of harmony and understanding in Australia by connecting cultures, subcultures, beliefs, generations, interest groups and language communities.

Our experience and research shows that Australian society continues to change and that cultural diversity is a way of life. SBS wants to reflect that diversity in its content and services because it allows people to learn from the experience of others and helps to broaden minds and perspectives.

Developing and maintaining an inclusive society is an ongoing challenge and SBS plans an important role in ensuring that all Australians can engage with public life and debate about important issues.

Greater connection with others and better insights into difference lead to a more informed understanding of the complex global environment in which Australia exists. SBS will continue to play a role in telling a diverse range of Australian stories.

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to read 'Connecting Diversity: Paradoxes of Multicultural Australia', a 2006 SBS-commissioned report.

Click here to read 'Living Diversity: Australia's Multicultural Future', a 2002 SBS-commissioned report.

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