Beijing bursting with pride ... literally

Organisers of the Olympics are facing their first major infrastructure problem today.

In the shadow of the Birds Nest Stadium and almost adjacent to the Water Cube, a massive ruptured watermain forced roads to be closed around the Olympic complex.

So far these games have run without incident. But this afternoon's brown torrent exploding either side of a main road directly in front of the SBS office in Pangu Plaza forced the road to bend and gutters to block within minutes.

Either side of the road water was flowing freely as Olympic fans flocked to see what all the fuss was about.

Police and emergency workers moved swiftly into action but at the time of writing this blog, the water hadn't been stemmed.

Eventually, the mains were turned off so water stopped spewing out, but it was only after around 45 minutes of chaos that emergency workers managed to stem the tide.

The irony of the burst pipes occurring so close to the Water Cube will be embarrassing to the organisers, but with so little detail of what caused the problem, this may be a local council issue and nothing to do with the games.

Water has been on the agenda here in Beijing for some time with long term fears the city may run out of H2O within ten years ... and if the local emergency workers don't get to work swiftly, that deadline may be coming a little closer ...

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