Australia-wide Digital Upgrade


An Australia-wide upgrade to SBS's digital television service will take place on Thursday 29th January, 2009.

This may result in some viewers being unable to view SBS services on the normal channels.

The following information has been compiled to explain what viewers should do if they experience disruptions to their digital service.

SBS is pleased to announce an Australia wide upgrade to their Digital service on Thursday, 29 January 2009.

The installation of this state of the art equipment will permit SBS to increase the resolution of its High Definition programs and provide a 7 day Electronic Program Guide.

Most importantly this upgrade will allow SBS the capability to provide different services into metropolitan and regional areas - an increase of 7 to 12 markets across the country.

As a result of this work, some viewers may lose their ability to view SBS services on the normal channels.

If viewers experience disruption, SBS recommends they rescan their digital television or digital set-top-box which should rectify any problems.

Viewers still experiencing disruptions can call SBS on
1800 500 727 for advice.

It is recommended that all viewers capable of viewing High Definition programs rescan their receiver.

The table below outlines the new logical channel numbers for all of SBS’s television services. These numbers will take effect at 5.00am on 29 January, 2009.

Service Logical
SBS 2 32
SBS 3 33
SBS 4 34
Radio 1 38
Radio 2 39

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rescan?
SBS is reconfiguring the transport streams to its digital transmitters Australia wide. It is upgrading its play-out system which will result in SBS having separate services for major cities and regional areas.

Who will be affected?
All SBS digital services Australia wide.

When do you have to do it?
Thursday, 29 January 2009 after 5.00am AEDST.
How do you do an Automatic Rescan?
To do an Automatic Rescan you need to:
• Press “Menu” on your remote control, then
• Go to “Installation” or “Setup”, then
• Go to “Automatic” or “Manual Search”, select “Automatic” then follow the instructions.
This will rescan all your TV channels and you should be able to receive SBS again.

What is a Manual Rescan?
A rescan of one channel only. This will not impact other channels.
To do a manual rescan please visit the following link to find the channel number and frequency information for your area:

The bandwidth is 7 Mhz, FEC 2/3, Guard Interval 1/8.

• Press “Menu” on your remote control, then
• Go to “Installation” or “Setup”, then
• Go to “Manual Search”.
• Enter parameters requested.
This will rescan all SBS channels and you should be able to receive SBS services again. If necessary, check your television manual for how to scan or search for channels.        

What to do if the Rescan does not work?
If you do the rescan and still cannot receive SBS, please call your specific TV or set top box manufacturers, most of their contact details are provided below or you can call SBS on 1800 500 727.

I did a Rescan but nothing happened?
See if there are any services appearing on channel 350 or above.

My High Definition service changed recently. Why?
SBS changed the HD resolution from 576P to 720P

What services should I be able to get?
If you have a Standard Definition Receiver or Set Top Box you should have the following services:
SBS Radio 1
SBS Radio 2

If you have a High Definition Receiver or Set Top Box you should also receive SBS HD.

The SBS services break up or the audio breaks up. What should I do?
Call SBS Transmission Services on 1800 500 727 for advice between Monday to Friday 9am-5pm AEDST or email

Only one of my TV sets has lost SBS. Why?
Many receivers and set top boxes automatically update their internal channel lists.  These do not need to be rescanned.

My Analogue TV has lost SBS.
Do you live in a block of units or on a cabled estate? If so you may need to contact the Body Corporate or Manager to get the distribution system rescanned.

If you have your own antenna, call SBS on 1800 500 727 (as the local transmitter may be having trouble).

For further assistance, please contact your set-top box manufacturer:

Acer Australia 1300 362 328
AWA Australia 1300 369 870
Bang & Olufsen  
- Sydney 02 92666259
- Melbourne 03 93857739
- Adelaide 08 82123265
- Perth 08 9210 4116
- Brisbane 07 3358 6811
Beyond Wiz 1300 889 803
Bush (Sydney) 02 9714 3451
Celestial 1300 796 688
Conia 1300 726 642
Dick Smith 1300 660 054
Digital Products Group (Topfield Set Top Box) 1300 889 803
Digitec Electronics (DGTEC) 1800 189 941
Grundig (Sydney) 02 9714 3434
Hitachi 1800 448 224
LG Electronics 1800 643 156
MTV 1300 366 155
NEC 13 16 32
Panasonic 13 26 00
Phillips 1300 651 993
Pioneer 1800 988 268
Radio Rentals 13 19 41
Samsung 1300 362 603
Sanyo 1300 360 230
Sharp 1300 135 022
Sony 1300 137 669
Strathfield Car Radio 13 11 77
Strong 1900 820 030
Teac 1800 656 700
Tevion 1300 726 642
Toshiba 1800 252 111

Technical Information

In order to better cater for specific audiences throughout Australia, SBS is upgrading its play-out system. The primary change is a move from broadcasting to 7 different markets to broadcasting to 12 different markets across Australia. The new equipment being installed also permits SBS to increase the resolution of its High Definition program and to provide 7 day Electronic Program Guide information.

This change has many implications for us as a national broadcaster. We can now more closely tailor the programming and advertisements to suit the locations and needs of audiences in the respective market areas.

Technically, this change involves variations to our Transport Stream IDs as the 12 markets are introduced, as well as some modifications to our Service IDs. In the past SBS HD services had the lowest Service ID in each transport stream. The HD services will be moved so that they are no longer the lowest Service IDs in each stream.

This change also allows us to overcome a problem posed by a small number of set top boxes which, upon the detection of a change in the Transport ID, search for the lowest Service ID in the stream to restore the service. In the past standard definition boxes in this situation found the HD service and hence leave the viewer with a blank screen. In future they will default to the SBS standard definition service.

The HD transmission format has already changed from 576p to 720p.

The new Transport IDs and service IDs are as follows.
Transport IDs:

Transport Stream Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Adelaide Regional NSW
ID 768 784 800 816 832 848
Transport Stream Darwin Regional VIC Hobart Regional SA Regional WA Regional QLD
ID 864 880 896 912 928 944
Service IDs:

Service Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Adelaide Regional NSW
SBS 769 785 801 817 833 849
SBS News 770 786 802 818 834 850
SBS 2 772 787 803 819 835 851
SBS 3 773 788 804 820 836 852
SBS HD 774 789 805 821 837 853
Radio 1 782 798 814 830 846 862
Radio 2 783 799 815 831 847 863
Service Darwin Regional VIC Hobart Regional SA Regional WA Regional QLD
SBS 865 881 897 913 929 945
SBS News 866 882 898 914 930 946
SBS 2 867 883 899 915 931 947
SBS 3 868 884 900 916 932 948
SBS HD 869 885 901 917 933 949
Radio 1 878 894 910 926 942 958
Radio 2 879 895 911 927 943 959

In summary:

At 5.00am (AEDST) on 29 January 2009, new transport streams will apply in Tasmania, Regional WA, Regional SA, Regional Qld and Regional Victoria.  All others will have service ID changes to the HD and SBS 2 services and a new service ID for SBS 3.

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