24 Hours in Police Custody

Original, exciting, funny and shocking, this documentary series provides a unique insight into the challenges facing police in the 21st century...

Filmed using a combination of mixed rig and handheld cameras, this is the reality of policing on the front line.
From the cell block to the police chief, this series shows a modern police station as never seen before.
Combining the drama of cops and robbers in the real world with the humanity and humour of 24 Hours in A&E, we watch the police fighting against the clock to catch out criminals and make the streets safe.

Conspiracy to Murder 5/08
The first episode opens with the dawn arrest of a man on suspicion of conspiracy to murder. The film documents the work of the lead detectives as they investigate and interview the suspect.

A Short, Sharp Shock 12/08
Two teenage girls are arrested after a fight breaks out in a nightclub and the police also arrest a 61-year-old man who has never spent a night in the cells before.

Confessions of a Paedophile 19/08
This episode follows the team of four detectives working full-time on child abuse cases in the dedicated Safeguarding Investigation Unit at Luton Police Station.

Punch Drunk Love 26/08
This episode follows cases where alcohol and relationship tensions mix in a dangerous cocktail. Investigating Officer Lisa Hutchinson says nine out of ten cases can be domestic violence.

Human Traffic 02/09
This episode follows an investigation into human trafficking. DC Tom Stean says that human trafficking is getting worse and worse, and he believes the town of Luton is a magnet.

The Crime of the Century 9/09

Honour Thy Father 16/09

Frequent Flyers 23/09

24 Hours in Police Custody airs 8.40pm Wednesdays on SBS.

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