Sydney Film Fest offers a sneak peek

Crazy Horse - master documentarian Frederick Wiseman’s directs his observational gaze at Le Crazy Horse de Paris, a nude dancing show.

Side by Side - a documentary about the move from film to digital narrated by Keanu Reeves? The film industry does love to be self-indulgent, so I’m skeptical but intrigued.

The Law in These Parts - an examination of Israel’s military rule in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Golden Slumbers - looks at the height of Cambodian cinema, up until the Khmer Rouge put a brutal stop to cultural life.

See the rest here. The Sydney Film Festival runs from 6-17 June 2012.

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The Sydney Film Festival has released a sneak peek of 25 films that it will be screening in June, including ten documentaries. So far it looks like there’s a rich selection covering a range of styles, from some famous faces of documentary to more obscure picks. Here’s a totally subjective selection of a few that stand out.