SBS’s weekly programmer picks – 18/6


Science on SBS TWO picks up where the giant squid in Sunday’s Inside Nature’s Giants left off with Monster Jellyfish (8:30pm). Also a program that has attracted controversy when it previously aired – farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty takes a look at GMOs and declares them not so bad in Can GM Food Save the World? (7:30pm).


The terrific series Death Unexplained continues on SBS ONE 8:40pm followed by the extraordinary science doco The Brain That Changes Itself (9:30pm) based on the bestselling book by Norman Doidge. Doidge looks at the cutting edge science of neuroplasticity and the successful techniques that are allowing people to rewire their brains. It’s great.


The new nature series tonight Speed of Life (SBS ONE 7:30pm) uncovers nature through the power of super slow-mo. Watch for some stunning images.


The highlight for me tonight is the documentary in the XY Docs slot at 11pm SBS ONE – Sex Magic, Manifesting Maya. I saw this at a film festival a couple of years ago and have never seen anything quite like it – it’s about Des, an alternative lifestyle guru who teaches tantric sex. Maya, the love of his life, gets sick of his philandering (in the name of his teaching) and leaves him and he decides he must amass enough sex magic to win her back. Watch it with someone you love.


A different kind of love story tonight in Surviving Hitler: A Love Story (SBS ONE 9:30pm). Jutta who tells the story was a Jewish teenager in Nazi Germany. She fell in love with Helmuth, an injured German soldier, and together they plotted to assassinate Hitler. Really moving stuff brought to life by some remarkable home movie footage shot by Helmuth.


Earlier this year The Spice Trail had a great response on SBS ONE and The Frankincense Trail (SBS TWO 7:30pm) is another series from the same presenter Kate Humble. In this show she is following the historic frankincense trade route through the Middle East learning about the people and culture along the way.


Tonight on Inside Nature’s Giants (SBS ONE 8:30pm) the team are cutting up a polar bear. Discover what you can learn from these magnificent animals.

Next week: Cadel Evans and the Tour de France.

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The SBS Documentary program is loved up this week with docos, Surviving Hitler: A Love Story and Sex Magic, Manifesting Maya. A stunning new wildlife series Speed of Life also begins this week.