Free, legal and online: why Hulu is the new way to watch the tube.

09 October 2008 | 15:31 - By Stefano Boscutti

What's a hulu?  Last year this question ricocheted through the blogosphere to a chorus of derisive laughter.


Fox and NBC were going to make the internet safe for television! They were building a "YouTube killer"! And they were calling it Hulu! It was almost too perfect-an absurdist topper to the idea that two major broadcast networks could devise an internet video service people would actually use. Well, they're getting pretty close. Will any of our free to air broadcasters team up to offer free shows online? Who do you think would team up? How do you think you'll watch television in the future? Will you even watch television in the future? (Oh, and if you're in San Francisco on November 13 you definitely want to attend the New Tee Vee conference.)

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10 Sep 2014 15:04 AEST


From: bing


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11 Jul 2009 6:33 AEST


From: UK

more public funding

As industrialisation becomes dominated by mega-corps, highly regulated we hope, the media and culture industries become more important as employers and wealth creators. TV is only a delivery system and government can fund far more public -interest content development and let the commercial licencees pay for the distribution system.

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18 Nov 2008 22:38 AEST


From: wa

no ads

the sooner i can watch programmes without incessant advertising interuptions the better my world will be. i cannot watch the commercial Oz channels due to excessive ads and SBS is very close to the edge of my tolerance level these days as well, despite its brilliant docos. is it 18mins of ads an hour now? the ads are terrible too, they just scream stuff at us, no imagination or real creativity seems to go into them.

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09 Oct 2008 23:19 AEST


From: Sydney

Australians Better than Hulu!

Why wait for a million dollar media company when an Australian Startup is doing it already!!!

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