Audiences, and Hollywood, flock to smartphones

15 May 2010 | 9:16 - By Stefano Boscutti

It might be hard to imagine watching “The Office” on a screen no bigger than a business card. But hundreds of thousands of people — by the most conservative estimate — are already doing just that.


As Hollywood shrinks its films and television shows for the small screens of cellphones, its assumptions about mobile viewing are being upended by surprisingly patient consumers.  “We all thought they’d be watching video clips in the checkout line or between classes,” said Vivi Zigler, the president for digital entertainment at NBC Universal, summing up the industry’s conventional wisdom. But owners of iPhones and other smartphones are actually watching long episodes and sometimes complete films, so a growing number of media companies are vying for people’s mobile attention spans. Measured against questionable TV ratings and box-office receipts, the mobile video audience is small today.  But a range of companies, from Hollywood studios to local TV stations, all foresee an increasingly wireless world — and they don’t want to be cut out of the picture.  Viva la revolución!

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29 May 2010 16:44 AEST

Chris Brown

From: California

Very Nice

I am also agree with Stefano. Measured against questionable TV ratings and box-office receipts, the mobile video audience is really small today. Watch latest movie reviews with DISH Network

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