The best #longreads of 2012

24 December 2012 | 12:44 - By Rhiannon Elston

As the year winds down and holidays kick in for most, it's as good a time as any to catch up on all those longform stories you tweeted, talked or heard about but never got around to finishing.

So for my last Rhi-Tweet for 2012, here's a crowdsourced list of the year's best #longreads, in no particular order: 

"Is he coming? Is he? Oh God, I think he is": by Sean Flynn

Young survivors of Norway's Utøya massacre recount the terrifying 198-minute ordeal they spent trapped on an island with a cold-blooded killer.

Obama's Way: by Michael Lewis

A rare, detailed insight into the mind of the US President, written in the lead-up to his re-election this year.

Remains of the Day: by Matt Mendelsohn

A wedding photographer who has captured more than 400 ceremonies digs into the past to see what has become of those locked in time, within his images.

Snow Fall; The avalanche at Tunnell Creek: by John Branch

Some have called this interactive presentation from the New York Times 'the future of online journalism'. The story itself is just as compelling.

Inside North Korea: by Brett Cole

The only way to visit North Korea as a tourist at present is with one of the country's official tours. Brett Cole recounts his trip for SBS. 

Can you call a 9-year-old a Psychopath? by Jennifer Kahn

A parent's struggle to understand the strange actions of their eldest son.

Got a suggestion for a #longread? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks also to everyone who shared links via Twitter.



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