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SBS launches new interactive doc Exit Syria

08 October 2013 | 0:00 - By Melanie Garrick



Users will soon be invited to experience Exit Syria, a new real-time interactive documentary which journeys into the heart of Za’atari, the world’s second largest refugee camp.

Directed by Egyptian-born filmmaker Sherine Salama, Exit Syria explores the everyday challenges of several Syrian refugees living inside Za’atari.

Located on the border of Syria and Jordan, Za’atari is growing into a metropolis and now hosts around 120,000 Syrian refugees. For the families struggling to survive the conditions of the desert camp- what is daily life like for them?

To answer that question, Exit Syria takes viewers on an immersive journey right inside the camp. Following ordinary yet remarkable refugees, the project documents their resourcefulness, ingenuity and extraordinary resilience in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Exit Syria follows the experience of Jowaher, a pregnant woman who was recently abandoned by her husband; and Jum’a, a young family man and rebel who is planning to return to Syria to continue fighting.

Award-winning director Sherine Salama, whose credits include A Wedding in Ramallah and the last interview with Yasser Arafat, will embed herself in the camp for a month. Gaining unique insights into the everyday lives of these refugees, Salama will file video material, photo galleries, audio, stills, music and blog entries in ‘real time’.

Exit Syria will utilise the raw observational approach of my previous films,” says Salama. “It will feature audio, photography and music in order to create a multi-dimensional experience of camp life. We will film over an entire month, to allow the stories to unfold in their natural pace and in order to provide greater depth to the characters and their stories.”

Exit Syria launches on Wednesday, October 16.

By Melanie Garrick

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15 Oct 2013 11:13 AEST


From: Gold Coast

Exit Syria

I can't see this listed on your programs for Wednesday october 16 as advertised above. Where and when?

Hi Sue, Exit Syria is an online (not a TV) documentary. When the site is active, you can access it here: Cheers, Mel - SBS Docs.

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