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How much does an Australian politician earn now?

Federal politicians, judges and agency heads will get a two per cent bump in pay from next week. (AAP)

Federal politicians say it is appropriate they don't get a say in determining their salaries, as they are given a 2 per cent pay increase from July 1.

The salaries of backbench federal MPs is set to tip over the $200,000 mark in a week's time.

As many of the people they represent struggle to meet rising costs of living with negligible wage growth, our politicians have been given pay increases of at least $4000.

The prime minister's salary goes from $517,504 to $527,852.

The 2 per cent pay rise, the first in 18 months, has been determined by the independent Remuneration Tribunal - a point cabinet minister Christopher Pyne was keen to make on Friday.

Politicians had nothing to do with determining salaries and, in any event, they're not in it for the money he insisted.

"We do it because it is a wonderful way of helping the society in which we live," Mr Pyne told the Nine Network.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese agreed it was appropriate the tribunal is at arm's length from elected representatives.

In its ruling, the tribunal noted that it had received a "notable increase in submissions" asking for pay raises "based at least in part on private sector remuneration".

The increase, to take effect from July 1, also applies to judges and heads of government agencies.

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance condemned the decision.

"Australia has some of the highest paid bureaucrats in the world earning salaries two or three times their US and UK counterparts," executive director Tim Andrews told News Corp.

"It is an absolute disgrace that at the same time our politicians are raising taxes on struggling families and we have over $500 billion in debt our political class is rewarding itself with more lavish pay rises."

Mr Turnbull admitted to 2GB radio "there was never a good time" to increase the pay of politicians.

Wage increase for politicians and judges
Wage increase for politicians and judges
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