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Opal Tower: more damage found on level four

Opal Tower residents could be out of their homes for 10 days. Source: AAP

A building surveyors group says the NSW government's response to the Opal Tower saga is a 'shameful' misuse of the situation.

A building surveyors group has denounced the NSW government's reaction to the Opal Tower faults that have stopped hundreds of residents returning to their homes.

Cracks in one of the towers' prefabricated concrete panels and the turmoil that followed saw the NSW government announce a crackdown on building certifiers.  

NSW Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said the crackdown on "cowboy" certifiers is aimed at addressing public concern about the building certification process.


According to ABCengineers from WSP said they found two areas with "lesser damage" on level four but said apartment complex was "structurally sound overall".

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