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'They think I'm his escort' - the challenges of interracial dating

Couple interviewed by SBS Mandarin on the streets of Brisbane Source: SBS Mandarin

SBS Mandarin spoke to ordinary couples on the streets of Australia and found that dating someone from a different race can often come with some interesting challenges...

Some members of the SBS Mandarin radio audience suggested in a recent talkback show that interracial relationships are not stable as it is too hard to overcome cultural differences in everyday life. Other callers were more defensive, saying that love can overcome all.

Now, our vox pop video with everyday people on the streets of Brisbane (by SBS Mandarin video journalist Amy Wang) shows that the reality of interracial dating is rarely as simple as it might look. People in such relationships could be easily targeted and treated unfairly by others.

Bartender Kendra admits that the hardest part with her previous relationship with an African-American man was other people's reaction to them, including "dirty look" people gave them when they hand-in-hand.

Couple Laure-Annie, who is Asian ethnicity, said when she visited countries like Indonesia with her partner William, "people there think that I'm a local and that he's a tourist who comes and pays me to hang out with him or whatever."


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Watch a sneak peek: Marry Me, Marry My Family
Watch a sneak peek: Marry Me, Marry My Family

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