Enjoy our new collection of Hunger Games themed sketches just in time for the release of Mockingjay Part One. Do it for your district.
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20 Nov 2014 - 9:52 AM  UPDATED 24 Nov 2014 - 2:28 PM

For too long, The Hunger Games franchise has been a successful series of films with a strong message to people of all ages. Well, we here at SBS have had enough of that, so we decided to take on the multi-million dollar franchise with some no-budget spoofs. You hear us, Jennifer Lawrence? We’re coming to get that Oscar® from you!

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President Snow has a message for Panem. A message…of cleanliness.



Katniss: Eliza Reilly
Peeta: Henry Stone
Shuya: Jay K
President Snow: Robbie McGregor
Gale: James Wilson

Alex Gabbott

Michael Hing

Kara Schlegl
Connor Doyle

Director of Photography:
Jack Crombie

1st Assistant Camera:
Sarah Estela

Jules Ambroisine

Kitty Tang

Costume Design:
Kate Gabbott

Joff Bush

Sound Mixing:
Joff Bush
Jules Ambroisine

Colourist (President Snow):
Jack Crombie

Special Thanks to:
Digital Logic
Angela McDonald
Rumble Studios