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29 Jan 2015 - 10:36 AM  UPDATED 29 Jan 2015 - 11:45 AM

Leadership dramas are continuing for the Coalition Government as former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced he will be running for the leadership of the Liberal Party if a spill is called.


Rudd announced his candidacy at a purpose built podium he had erected in front of his garage for use whenever leadership is speculated.


“When people think political stability they think Kevin Rudd,” declared the former Prime Minister. “My alarm went off earlier today saying there was a possible leadership coup somewhere in the world and when I discovered it was my home country I couldn't have been more thrilled.”


If a leadership spill eventuates this will be his third political campaign of the new year, having just narrowly missed out on becoming Prime Minister of Greece.


“It's neat. It works. I started all of this. I should be the one to finish it. I've already got a good number of Liberal backbenchers behind me. I just asked them to try and name one person better than me at tearing apart the Labor party. I was the front-runner within minutes.”


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 Rudd's announcement quickly followed Simon Crean's resignation from whatever it is he does now.


“I've been Prime Minister of this country twice now. That means I've got double the experience of Tony Abbott and an infinite amount more experience than Malcolm Turnbull.


“And I know what people are going to say – how can I possibly run a Government filled with people who hate me and disagree with every decision I make? Well, I've already done it twice.”







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