Tom Ballard and Tommy Dassalo star as Todd and Dayne, two terrible people in a three bedroom house who have just driven out the last person willing to live with them. Desperate to cover the rent, they advertise their “fully furnished” third room on short-term rental site Sky B’n’B and are forced to get along with the traveling weirdos who come to stay, even if they have some very unique ideas about the proper use of a spare room.
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16 Feb 2015 - 3:54 PM  UPDATED 24 Aug 2016 - 10:03 AM

Fully Furnished was one of the first pitches we selected as a SBS Comedy Runway winner off the back of what we found to be an absolutely dynamite script and the fantastic comedians who were on board from the start. It was clear that having the amazing talents of Tommy Dassalo and Tom Ballard as well as having a special guest appearance from the hilarious Ronny Chieng was a pretty solid formula for success and so it was no surprise when final delivery was made and we got to see that the pilot had translated perfectly from a hilarious script to an amazing comedy show. We were very happy to provide ‘Fully Furnished’ with the $20,000 to fund this pilot and are pretty chuffed to be sharing the results on our site.



We talked to the two creators of ‘Fully Furnished’ to see what working on the project was like for them and where they plan to take it in the future:



Who are Todd and Dayne?


Tom Ballard: They are horrible, horrible people who have really only ended up sharing a house with each other because no one else will. I play Dayne, who isn't malicious or dastardly like Todd, but he's such a big dumb lazy gentle giant that's he generally pretty useless. 


Tommy Dassalo: Thanks, Tom. I'll take this one from here. I play Todd, a scheming, unpleasant little weasel. When I've described the character to my friends, they've said 'so you're just playing yourself?' and, oh, we've laughed. 


How did you come up with the idea for Fully Furnished?


TB: My housemates and I were renting our tiny study as a third bedroom on Air BnB for a while and our lives actually started to feel like a TV show. There was us (the regular cast) and whacky guest stars popping in every week, each with a different story to tell. And we all had to get along! Hilarity was bound to ensue! 


TD: First of all, this is a pretty personal question, TBQH. Tom and I have wanted to do something together for ages, and when he called up and said, 'fam, I've got this idea for a show that is straight-up dynamite, y'all' (direct quote) I thought it sounded like a great idea for a series, and a good excuse to indulge in one of my favourite past-times: going up to Sydney and freeloading off Tom.


Will the original housemate Gretta ever come back? 


TB: I wouldn't have thought so. Female characters don't belong on television. 


TD: I have to agree with Tom on this one, however, we've been working around the clock to find a way to bend this strict, centuries-old rule of broadcasting, mainly because Gretta is played by Susie Youssef - an absolutely wonderful and incredibly talented human being who lights up the screen and is a total joy to be around. 


What's your idea of a nightmare flatmate?


TB: I dunno, probably some guy called Craig who was an anal-retentive clean freak who unexpectedly kicked me and my other housemate out with four weeks notice so he could move his other friends in. Hypothetically.  


TD: I realised recently that when I first moved out of home, I was a nightmare housemate. I did everything wrong. I was so inconsiderate. It makes me feel sick thinking about it. Rupert and Lou, if you're reading this - I'm sorry. Funny story, hey? 


How was the shoot?


TB: We knew it was going to be a good one when about 20 minutes into the first day someone set something on fire in the kitchen. 


TD: It was heaps of fun. I learnt a lot about Ronny Chieng from asking him heaps of questions in between scenes eg, his favourite pizza is Domino's, and all of his money is in Bitcoin. 



So what happens next in the lives of Dayne and Todd?


TB: Fully Furnished, the documentary about their lives, is picked up by SBS and receives critical acclaim, so Tom Ballard and Tommy Dassalo become millionaires who have lots of sex with babes all the time.


TD: Todd and Dayne continue to be infuriated by the world around them and the continuous flow of idiots that live in it, but ultimately they learn that it's not their spare room that was Fully Furnished... it was their hearts (spoiler alert.)



Check out all the wonderful people that made this amazing pilot possible: Credits



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