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10 Jun 2015 - 11:01 AM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2015 - 11:09 AM

Treasurer Joe Hockey is under fire again following comments on housing affordability with the Government likely to tell him to go find another good job, that pays good money, that isn’t federal treasurer.


Hockey has been called ‘out of touch’ for declaring that housing affordability is proven by the fact that houses are still being sold and advising young people who want a house to find a good job. The Treasurer is now under pressure from backbenchers and the general public to take his own advice and find a different job himself.


The Treasurer has apologised for his comments but remains adamant that they were factually accurate.


“You can’t deny I’m right,” said Hockey. “If you had an excellent well paying job like, say, Government minister, you could easily afford very expensive property. You could even earn more by having taxpayers pay for your accommodation while criticising people for doing the same. It couldn’t be simpler.


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“All I am saying is that it would be beneficial to go out and get a quality job. Now, yes, perhaps I should be doing something in my role to improve the economy so that there are good jobs for you to get but right now I’m focussing on criticising you.


“It’s not that I have disdain for young people, it’s more that they’re weird novelties to me. Like when a young journalist asks me a question and instead of answering it I spend my time dwelling on just how little they are - far too tiny to hold truth to power, certainly. Ah, what a time.”


Hockey said that it’s time young people looking to get into property re-evaluate their priorities.


“Young people seem to enter this world believing their entirely to property. This simply isn’t true. Only boomers are entitled to property.


“Anyway, more and more statistics are saying young people are forgoing property ownership to rent forever. Now, yes this is probably because owning property in a major city seems slightly less likely than walking on the moon in their lifetimes but it could also be because people secretly don’t want the financial security of owning their own homes. It’s all about perspective.”






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