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28 Jul 2015 - 11:10 AM  UPDATED 28 Jul 2015 - 11:13 AM

Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes is under fire again for forgetting he is supposed to be ashamed of his aboriginal heritage. Goodes, who caused controversy earlier this year for daring to represent his culture, has long been on the receiving end of a chorus of boos from the crowd for obstinately refusing to change his skin colour.


This prompted a response from fellow Swans player Lewis Jetta who has also been accused of being unapologetically indigenous despite everyone around him clearly preferring him to be white or, at the very least, entirely supplicant and accepting of abuse.


Some fans are disputing claims of racism saying that they are booing for a variety of reasons.


“Booing Goodes does not make me a racist,” said one fan. “It just shows that I enjoy something that racists also enjoy. If a massive group of racists were all eating gelato does that mean I should stop eating gelato? It doesn’t - it just means I couldn’t do it without being lumped in with a group of racists so maybe I should just give it a break for a couple of weeks.


“You have to see Goodes and Jetta are also at fault here. If they just stopped being indigenous for a couple of weeks we could see what this booing was all about. But instead they just keep being more and more indigenous which makes me feel threatened so I am forced to act whiter and whiter, by which I mean more aggressive towards anyone not behaving how I wish them too.


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“All I am asking is for these people to celebrate their heritage the way I tell them is okay. Is that so much to ask? They are being deliberately provocative - unlike my boos which aren’t provocative at all but rather a form of encouragement.


“This is all fun and games now but you wait for the day that one of those imaginary spears hits someone in the crowd and kills them. It won’t be fun then, will it? Those weapons are as dangerous as they are completely invisible.”


Fans have hit back against calls from the league for the booing to stop, saying it’s their right.


“It’s a matter of free speech, isn’t it? If I can’t racially vilify someone at the football on the weekend then soon I won’t be able to racially vilify anyone anywhere. If that happens I’ll be forced to accept that indigenous people do not belong to me and are not required to act in a way I deem acceptable. If I’m forced to accept that soon I’ll have to go on living my life without imposing my will on anyone which will allow others to live their lives too. That very thought sickens me to my core. If that thought was on a football field I’d boo it all day.”





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