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20 Jul 2016 - 4:06 PM  UPDATED 20 Jul 2016 - 4:06 PM

If you love Futurama, you are in luck - we have two new excellent videos for you to watch!


The first is FAN-O-RAMA, an absolutely amazing and bizarre live action trailer put together by a mega fan of the show. The flick is incredibly impressive in its accuracy around characters and locations, and getting all the details bang on.


But its animation, especially of the human characters, might just leave you with creepy nightmares. 

The second vid is far more serious, but still a must-watch for any Futurama superfan. It's a thorough and complex look at the 'Science of Comedy' behind the show that brought humour and emotion into the nerd world of science and maths.


There's a breakdown of the show, interviews with the creators, and some really interesting facts are uncovered - like the fact that Futurama's creative staff featured three people with PhDs, seven with Masters, and over fifty collective years at Harvard. 


We love that people are still talking about this great show, and we are crossing our fingers for an unlikely revival some time in the futur-ama. 




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