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5 Aug 2016 - 4:12 PM  UPDATED 5 Aug 2016 - 4:12 PM

As you probably heard, regular cartoonist for The Australian Bill Leak caused (another) controversy yesterday with a drawing that was decried by many (anyone with a brain who saw it) as racist. 


There were plenty of justifiably angry responses to the cartoon, and also to the fact that something that awful could be published in 2016. There were some written responses from comedians, at a loss of how to deal with the consistent bulls*it that comes from Leak. 


But sometimes someone comes up with the absolute best response, one that just hits the nail on the head perfectly. This time it was the gang at The Feed, who came up with a biting concept that was absolutely spot on in tone, demonstrated the travesty that is Bill Leak and the fact he is still being published, and also tore him to shreds for his bigoted cartoons on Indigenous, Muslim and LGBTQI issues. 


The Feed presenters Mark Humphries and Jan Fran recorded a parody of ABC's Insiders 'Talking Pictures' segment, where Barry Cassidy has a guest on and they go over that week's political cartoons. Mark and Jan flipped the segment and just recorded themselves discussing Bill Leak cartoons, labeling it 'Talking Prejudice'. 


It's simply brilliant. 





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