Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, which is a terrifying thing to happen to anyone, and as such the Internet was ablaze with concern and sympathy for a fellow human. Or..not. Comedian Rebecca Shaw takes a look at the three worst types of reactions.
Rebecca Shaw

4 Oct 2016 - 2:28 PM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2016 - 2:31 PM

Let me start by saying that I don’t watch 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' or associated programming. This is not because I am above it in any shape or form, it’s just that I prefer other terrible reality television shows and there is only a certain amount of time in the day for me to ingest the trash I love so dearly.


I also believe there are many reasons you can dislike and criticise the Kardashians (one example being that they consistently make bank using cultural appropriation). So yes, there are many ways to engage in valid and thoughtful and reasonable criticism of the Kardashian phenomenon. That is not the issue here. Things like this are the issue:


I am no propagandist for the Kardashian family, but what I am is this other thing called ‘a human being that has empathy inside their bitter and worn out shell of a body.’ If you aren’t aware, empathy is this kind of feeling that should conceivably enter your body/brain when you are trying to understand and share the feelings of another person.


So for example, when you hear that several men dressed up as police officers broke into a room where a woman was staying by herself, tied her up and gagged her, held a gun to her head and stole her property, you should probably think things like:


-       oh no that is horrible

-       that poor woman

-       fuck, that must have been terrifying

-       I hope that person is okay


However, in this case the woman in question made the mistake of being Kim Kardashian. As a result, empathy went flying out of the window for a lot of people, and was seemingly replaced with bad opinions.


I can understand the blurring of celebrity and real human in the minds of some people, especially when it comes to someone who painstakingly creates a certain kind of life they wish to project. However, when you hear that Kim Kardashian, person, had a gun pointed at her head, when you hear that she was made to get into a bathtub, that she probably thought she was going to die or be sexually assaulted, and that she begged for her life, how does this not hit you on a humanity level? How are you not automatically filled with concern at how terrifying that experience must have been?


It’s seems to be quite easy for some people! So here are the three worst kinds of reactions to the news of the armed robbery.


She deserved it because she is rich/flaunts her wealth

I am no fan of rich people, or the system that hammers an ever-increasing divide between the poor and the wealthy. I think owning millions of dollar worth of jewelry is ridiculous, let alone taking it on a fun jaunt to gay paree. There is no denying that Kim Kardashian and people like her flaunt their wealth as part of an aspirational lifestyle in order to make those people who aspire to that lifestyle buy into their products.


On top of this, Kim Kardashian will still have plenty of resources and money left after being robbed. I am not sad that Kim Kardashian does not have possession of some diamonds; I think she’ll be able to carry on. But if you think that a woman deserves to be held up at gunpoint by men whose motivations are unknown to her, and have her things forcibly removed from her, you should probably take a look at yourself in the mirror you no doubt own because none of us are free from capitalism.


Kim Kardashian is a vapid slut so who cares

No matter what the story involving Kim Kardashian, there are many people that will gleefully automatically offer up the opinion that she is vapid, no-talent slut who is only famous because of a sex tape. It could be a story about how Kim Kardashian personally cured all forms of cancer, and there will be people waiting to call her a slut for doing so. In this case it is no different.


Kim Kardashian dares to use her sexuality in order to build a career, so she deserves to suffer through an armed robbery. And if your criticism is not as blatant as the awful people saying she should have been sexually assaulted, or she would have deserved it if she had been, don't think that we don't see you as well. Those of you who pretend to hate her because of your anti-celebrity, anti-capitalist stance. We see you when you call her wealth vulgar and vapid and classless, while never applying these same terms to her male equivalents.


If you can’t see past your inherent sexism and distaste for women to feel sympathy for a woman who was probably thinking of her children as men violently robbed her, you are not fooling anyone.


Who is Kim Kardashian??????????


Ah, my favourite of all the people that exist on the Internet. The same breed of person who takes the time to log into their account on news sites, only to read a story they don’t care about, all to comment ‘who cares??’



Sir/Madam, you exist on the fucking Internet. You are saying ‘who is Kim Kardashian’ on social media, or under an article about her. You are not superior to anyone because you pretend not to have heard of a worldwide phenomenon. You are under no obligation to engage with or care about Kim Kardashian, but trying to appear superior by publicly stating you don’t know who she is – well, that’s just really sad.



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