With yet another Blackface incident making headlines comedian Ben McLeay wants to make it known that it's not 'political correctness gone mad', you're just being an arsehole.
Ben McLeay

5 Oct 2016 - 12:45 PM  UPDATED 5 Oct 2016 - 2:55 PM

Nothing makes conservatives laugh like any reference to political correctness. You can pretty much guarantee that any sentence, regardless of content, that starts with “Sorry if this isn’t PC, but” is going to make them laugh like a Big Bang Theory fan who just heard “Bazinga!” - relieved that they’ve finally had a chance to let our some of that bigotry they’ve been holding in for so long.


It’s a term used primarily to scrub conservatives of guilt for not being up-to-date on what the current socially acceptable levels of marginalisation are. The logic being that if people get angry at you because you were just a tiny bit extremely racist in a public forum, it’s not because racism is actually bad, it’s because everyone else is just too scared to be racist out loud.


It assumes that everyone else in the world is just as bigoted as you are, that the weird bigoted opinions you hold about Chinese people or women (or Chinese women) are universally acknowledged as truths, but it’s the current political climate that stops people from actually expressing them.


For conservative politicians and talking heads it flips the script on being offensive: it somehow turns the dogshit act of denigrating a minority into some brave, heroic stance against a perceived 1984-esque society that prohibits the long-standing, inalienable human right to be a complete asshole to Muslims because you’ve never met one in your life and you want to blame someone for why you feel so scared of what’s going on in the world.


For conservative voters it taps into the most primal fear: insecurity. If you’re not quite comfortable with gay people and still a bit iffy on people with different coloured skin, it would be very easy to feel like you’re being left behind by everyone else - because you are. But luckily for you, there are people who insist that it’s actually everyone else who is wrong and that these people who are becoming more tolerant are actually crazy, and that the world has gone mad because you can’t use homophobic slurs anymore.


Outraged that it’s suddenly not OK to do blackface anymore? Guess what, dog: it was never OK to do blackface. The only difference between then and now is that people are vocally telling you to cut that shit out - that’s not “political correctness” that’s just people rightfully getting angry at you for being an ignorant dipshit.


There isn’t some vast conspiracy by the government to stop fringe elements from speaking the truth about how Muslims are trying to enact Sharia law in Australia (note: they are not), it’s just that we finally live in a time where people realise it’s not nice or acceptable to be belittle or oppress people just because a) they’re slightly different to you and b) none of your friends are one of them.


The term was mainly used in the 90s by people who became frustrated that they couldn’t call gay people “fruits” anymore, but has now escalated to the point where it’s used to justify pretty much everything, for instance: Trump has justified his extremely aggressive anti-Muslim policies by saying that he’s the only one anti-PC enough to try and ban all of them from entering the country.


People aren’t against a ban on Muslim immigration because of political correctness, they’re against it because it’s freaking insane. Lots of people have written at length about why it’s deadset batshit to discriminate against 1.6 billion people because of the actions of a handful, but it really doesn’t need much examination: it just doesn’t make any sense.


But of course, all you have to do if someone tells you that it’s crazy is blame the accuser of being “too PC” and cackle maniacally as they become too bewildered and angry to retort, because you are by far the worst person alive.


Political correctness is not a thing, what is a thing is respect and decency. Any time you see someone saying that “PC has gone too far” just substitute for “respect and decency have gone too far” or “it’s common courtesy gone mad”.

I’m sorry that you feel like political correctness is making it too hard for you to be a racist in the year 2016, but that’s not really what’s going on. You’re just being asked to stop being such an asshole all the time, my dude.



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