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9 Nov 2016 - 9:57 AM  UPDATED 9 Nov 2016 - 4:49 PM

The Internet had a Nature Meltdown yesterday when an amazing clip from the first episode of the BBC's Planet Earth 2 went viral.


The clip shows a newly hatched baby iguana emerging and finding itself in a section of rocky terrain that happens to be FILLED WITH MOTHER FLIPPING TERRIFYING SNAKES. Welcome to the world, baby. The iguana takes off, and the resulting chase is a terrifying and absolutely spectacular bit of footage. 


It's incredible on its own, but now that the Internet has it, the Internet is doing what it does best, and making the footage even better and funnier. First up was this Mad Max: Fury Road mashup of a different part of the scene:

Then someone imagined what it would look like if someone took commentary from when Barcelona's Lionel Messi scores goals and placed it over the chase:

And finally comes Ozzy Man reviews, the funny ocker bloke imagining that the iguana was just on his way to school when all of a sudden he is ambushed. 

We are perfectly excited for these sorts of things to keep coming, anything to help erase the NIGHTMARE HORROR FOOTAGE THAT IS IN OUR BRAINS NOW 



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