It's International Women's Day this week but can men do more to acknowledge their contribution to this special day? Comedian Deirdre Fidge has a handy guide to help!
Deirdre Fidge

7 Mar 2017 - 12:53 PM  UPDATED 7 Mar 2017 - 12:55 PM

Wowee, tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I’m still writing reverse sexism isn’t real on all of my cheques! The global day to celebrate women is upon us again and one question still on some people’s lips seems to be “But when is International Men’s Day?” The answer on everybody else’s lips is “November 19th and also every single day, please educate yourself and quieten down or crawl into a large volcano.”


Don’t get me wrong, I love men - some of my best friends are men, and even my Dad is a man! My local medical clinic recently employed a new Man Doctor and he does an amazing job, sometimes I even forget he is a boy.


We must not forget that Good Men™ are out there - it is especially important for women to acknowledge this when vocally criticising sexism. How else will everyone know she isn’t a raging B-word? Sure, it may waste time and energy placating people who were never going to agree with her anyway, but at the very least it acknowledges that Good Men™ definitely do exist.


That being said, sometimes some men miss the mark in relation to how they acknowledge and celebrate movements such as International Women’s Day. We have put together this handy guide for tomorrow for men to fully embrace the spirit of the day.


1. Wake Up.


The first step to being a good ally is consciousness and science tells us this cannot be completed while deep in a REM cycle. If you wake up this morning, you have already achieved a significant milestone this International Women’s Day by acknowledging that it is in fact a day and you are existing within it. WELL DONE!


2. Log On.


Many of us begin our day with a cup of coffee and a casual scroll through social media. (Talk about relatable content!) You may notice that many businesses will share IWD posts to show their strong commitment to gender equality, even if their policies completely contradict their fun targeted post. Feminists are abused on Twitter for simply daring to exist online and trans women are booted off Facebook due to ridiculous name policies but hey - check out this hashtag!


Men: to show your support, fav as may tweets as you can about IWD and remember to use the ‘love’ react on Facebook posts. A simple ‘like’ just won’t cut it today, we really need your support!


3. Celebrate At Work


Many workplaces may be holding a morning tea to acknowledge the festivities of International Women’s Day. Join in by baking some cute pink cupcakes and sharing them around the office while loudly stating “I baked these.”


If you happen to be in a managerial or directorial position, don’t spend too much time over-analyzing whether your company values and workplace culture actively support women and other minorities. Just focus on the fun!!!


4. Acknowledge The Women In Your Life


You most likely have at least a couple of women in your life that bring you positivity and support. Maybe it’s your mother, maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s your housemate who always ends up doing your share of chores and never mentions it because she has issues with assertiveness and like most women finds it easier to simply carry the load of two people instead of be seen as a nag? Maybe it’s your cat.


Regardless, there is nothing wrong with wanting to spread a little joy on a day like today! Call up one of those legendary women and let them know how much they mean to you. Let them know you will always be there for them, unless it will inconvenience you in any way or if it means cutting ties with a friend because they have been known to be abusive. Other than those and probably heaps of other things - you totally have their back!


5. Share


Share articles about gender inequality (it doesn’t matter if you have actually read it) to show how switched on you are. Don’t forget to leave comments like “actually, I’m a good guy” on the link. If an argument ensures, remember to threaten to revoke your ally status if she doesn’t stop being such a B-word. You might inadvertently be bringing attention to men on the one day that is for acknowledging women but hey – you’re one of the good ones.



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