Donald Trump Jr. was recently profiled by The New York Times and comedian Rebecca Shaw was fascinated by his story. Just kidding, she couldn't give two rats, but she was tickled by the photo choices. Here are all the immediate thoughts she had about the photo of Trump Jr. sitting sadly in the woods.
Rebecca Shaw

21 Mar 2017 - 1:08 PM  UPDATED 22 Mar 2017 - 10:43 AM

There was recently a very long profile in The New York Times about Donald Trump Jr. which covered a lot of stuff (probably), including his love of the outdoors and activities like hunting and fishing. The hunting stuff we're already familiar with, and may I just say: yuck and also no thanks.


I'm sure there was some other information in the profile as well, but WHO CARES LOOK AT THIS PHOTO. Once this photograph entered my brain, I was unable to continue to process any written words, and have not done so since i saw it. Here are some of the immediate thoughts that I had about this image. 


I didn't even know they made a sequel to 'The Blair Witch Project' called 'The Blair Rich Project'


This is pretty decent Ron Swanson cosplay


Would I swipe right if this sad lesbian sitting on a stump came up on tinder?


This is not actually Donald Trump Jr, this is a lesbian who got so upset at the end of the last season of Orange is the New Black that she got lost and stumbled into the woods


Speaking of lesbians, where did he get those shoes because I want a pair


Did Lowes Menswear struggle to get ex-rugby league players for this round of catalogues? 


Wait, those shoes are SPOTLESS, was he choppered down onto that stump? 


This is a cologne ad for new ‘Lonely Lumbersexual’


TFW you organise paintball for your birthday  but nobody shows up


His face looks confused, like he is….stumped (lol)


Lovely still of the head bad vampire from the upcoming movie Twilight: Breaking America


This is the album cover of my fave country song “nobody loves me, but at least I have this stump”


The Most Dangerous Game: Loneliness 


*Mumford and Sons plays in the distance* 


Maybe I want a painted version of this on my wall? No, it would be too depressing to see every day


Welcome to 


There was another photo of Trump, this time looking forlorn standing up. 


My only thought about this photo was that it needed a little something



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