We're living in a world where social media has become the most popular way to communicate and everyone is getting in on it, including the police! Comedian Deirdre Fidge has collected the best and cutest posts from our men and women in blue's own twitter feeds that you'll be able to read while being unfairly detained or targeted!
Deirdre Fidge

18 May 2017 - 12:35 PM  UPDATED 18 May 2017 - 3:14 PM

Social media is a generally an enormous garbage fire that occasionally produces something good but is mainly unpredictable and terrifying. On Twitter, there are different circles that spring up and can cause news to spread quickly; the Black Lives Matter movement is a perfect example.


Microcosms exist everywhere within this space - for instance, #AusPol Twitter for strange politics nerds who enjoy fighting with eggs named Robert about education reforms. Additionally, it’s generally known that if a young woman posts a selfie it will make its way to Foot Twitter within 24 hours (“post feet pics sweetie”).

Some days you just want to log on and chill out, and take a moment of respite among the bad news. Thankfully, we have Cop Twitter to provide us with adorable and heartfelt content. If you are unfairly detained or targeted by police you might find yourself with some free time while you’re in the back of a cop car or in remand for doing literally nothing, so we recommend checking out these adorable posts. Talk about wholesome!


Aww, what a good doggo! He’s doin’ me more of a heckin’ concern than police corruption!

Two beautiful photos, almost gorgeous enough to make us forget that this was posted around the time of the inquest into Ms Dhu’s death in custody. Just stunning!

Everyone loves a pun, don’t deny it. Cops – they’re just like us!

There’s no animosity between police cats and police dogs in this workplace! Just as long as the cat is not gay!

Look at these little woolies go. They’re being herded almost as quickly as homeless people being kicked off the streets! Ba Ram Ewe!





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