Gillian Cosgriff is as talented as Tim Minchin and not to be missed!
1 Apr 2014 - 12:22 PM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2014 - 12:23 PM

How do you solve a problem like Gillian? By her own confession she’s a horrific procrastinator, isn’t a fan of veganism, can’t cope with growing up, and wrecks nice things. Yet, what she presents to us is an hilarious cabaret/stand-up blend that demonstrates she has an acute self-awareness, great singing voice and knows how to write a bang-on bit.

The title of the show This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things says it all really, and Cosgriff uses this phrase as the overarching narrative. The title is used as a touchstone throughout, and she says it means more than just not being able to have nice things; it’s also about wanting to improve and failing – a topic that is infinitely relatable.

Musical comedy is a difficult beast, and can be difficult to master, but you can see why Cosgriff won Best Cabaret at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe. Using cabaret style song broken up by bits of related stand-up, she kicks off with a song about procrastination, which will be relatable to any creative types out there; followed by a love story about a vegan and a beekeeper; an ex-boyfriend who struggles with pronunciation (a show highlight); and an angry ode to a two-timer.

While Cosgriff may joke about not having a real ‘profession’, the woman is as talented as Tim Minchin and you’d be just as much of a fool not to catch her as she would be if she stopped now. 

For more information and tickets check out this show on the Melbourne comedy festival website