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Allied super-team Danger 5 reunite after years of far-flung obscurity to stop Hitler’s ultimate quest for world domination in a 1980s excess-soaked universe of neon, ninjas, discos, dinosaurs, pizza and prom-queens! 

Welcome to Danger 5 headquarters

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Danger 5 has learnt a lot about Australia since their Hitler fighting days, here's the top 4 pieces of advice they want to give you about this rad country.
Episode 1 of Danger 5's second season is here and we've weaponised our latest preview to give you a taste of the mind-blowing awesome that is still to come!
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Having a bad day? Well you haven't had your vengeance stolen from you by a helicopter truck driving trio of dinosaurs so maybe get some perspective. Check out...
Get a sneak peak at the new season of Danger 5 as we take you through the horrific and hilarious ways you can die in its second season!

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The Danger crew answer fan questions in these behind the scenes videos.

60s time-warp

Before the 80s excess there was the swinging 60s, and series 1 of Danger 5

Flick through the pages of pulp mag, Danger Monthly.
Pour yourself a double Jim Bourbons, sit back, and soak up the 60s in The Diamond Girls, the prequel webisode to Danger 5 series 1.