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Friday 4 Mar 2016

Short of Sir David Attenborough, there's no better narrating voice than the smooth, peaceful tones that come from the great Morgan Freeman. To prove that fact, Jimmy Kimmel tasked him with the assignment of narrating an otherwise pretty dull piece of footage of a man using a selfie stick. Morgan Freeman did not disappoint:


Morgan can make anything better:

We feel he was pretty accurate:


Better than the movie 'Contact' at any rate.

Thursday 3 Mar 2016

But then you remember, no it's just the bad lip reading guys... Ted Cruz is really just an evil robot/old potato that has been left in the sun too long and has gained sentience (stick around for the ending, it's pretty amazing):: 


oh Ted... 


SBS Comedy has covered the Plebiscite pretty extensively on it's pointlessness, how it's going to lead to attacks on the LGBT community and we've even gone so far as to suggest some better alternatives. In addition we've covered the attacks on the Safe Schools Coalition covering how its 'helped', the response to it and (shock, horror!) what it might lead to, so it's safe to say this is a subject we're pretty familiar with.


So we feel pretty confident when saying that if you want a good breakdown of what the hell is going on both these highly debated issues in video format, you need look no further than Charlie Pickering's monologue from the The Weekly:


See, what did we tell you?

Wednesday 2 Mar 2016

If you haven't already gotten right into Samantha Bee's (former correspondent for the Daily Show) new show 'Full Frontal' then you need to do that right the hell now. She's kicking all kind of butt and we can guarantee that it's some really good watching.


Last night, while weighing into the not at all controversial and definitely not heated debate of abortion she scored an interview with the stock standard old lawmaking white guy we've seen again and again decide they know best about women's health despite not actually knowing anything about it and boy was it glorious to watch:  


This 'building code' issue has also been fantastically covered in more detail by John Oliver which is also definitely worth your time:


You might have heard about it, if you were a particularly smart person you might have even gone, but the Wiggles did a 25th Anniversary show recently and directly marketed it to their original fans all of whom are now 25 years older than they were back when used to drive their parents insane with the insistence that 'Big Red Car' must be played one more time (you know you did this)


Now that the footage of the event is coming out though it's becoming clear that this was an event not to be missed, in fact it's pretty damn heartwarming seeing an entire audience of drunk adults get really into 'Fruit Salad' and we mean crazy into it:


They saved the real show stoppers for the end though and despite the power going out, played one of the best damn renditions of 'Hot Potato' ever:


Basically next time they get together, we'd suggest buying a ticket.

Tuesday 1 Mar 2016

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon's long stand feud is well documented, it started with a simple joke:


and escalated:


And now it has come to this, with the only way Matt Damon can get onto Kimmel's show is if he's snuck in 'two kids trying to get into an R rated movie' style:


Oh and if you're wondering about the Oscar speech mentioned at the end of that segment here it is:


Aren't they both just adorable?

Remember when Donald Trump announced he was running for President again and we all laughed, remember when he grew in popularity with the crazy Tea Party groups and everyone just said "well, of course they'd support him, they're crazy" and then he started topping the polls and everyone decided "sure, he's popular but he can't beat the more mainstream candidates in the actual caucus."


Now he's the favourite to win the Republican candidacy (no really, it really looks like he'll win)... and people are now terrified that he might actually just keep going on this previously unimaginable streak and actually win the presidency as well... now for perhaps the first time, that's actually starting to look like it could actually happen.


Thankfully people like John Oliver exist and hopefully the pure concentrated roasting he just wrought upon Trump will slow that guy down a bit... because it's pretty darn brutal: