“This Sunday, every Aussie in the Shire get down to North Cronulla to support the Leb and Wog bashing day.”

A text message sent to mobilise the rioters.As reprinted in the ACMA Investigative Report.

About the Project

On December 11, 2005 a riot occurred on Cronulla Beach in Sydney's south targeting men of ‘Middle Eastern appearance’.

Phrases like “100% Aussie Pride” were scrawled in the sand while slogans such as “We grew here you flew here” became a new source of national shame. In the following days, Lebanese-Australian youth rose up, responding swiftly in a series of retaliations.

Leading up to these events, 270,000 text messages were sent and received to mobilise the rioters and those who retaliated.

This interactive documentary explores these events. A 60-minute video is the springboard to explore a wall of content that adds further depth and perspective to the themes that fuelled the infamous Cronulla Riots.

Watch the untold stories. Investigate the themes. Explore the riots in an entirely new, immersive way.

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Expert commentary:
Professor Kevin Dunn, Dean and Professor in Human Geography and Urban Studies, University of Western Sydney
challenging racism image
Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas APM, Field Operations, NSW Police Force
Professor Catharine Lumby, Macquarie University
Professor Greg Noble, University of Western Sydney
Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane

Freda Backes, Dr Sudheesh Bhasi, Sekneh Beckett, Brigid Delaney, Dr Nelia Nacima Hyndman-Rizk, Dr Anne Mansour, Kym Middleton, Rudi Soman, Joseph Wakim

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