At Cycling Central we cover all sorts of stories throughout the year. In 2014 we’ve been experimenting with an even greater variety, straying further from professional road cycling than we have in previous years, and we’ve been pleased with the overall results. It’s proved that the interest of our audience is broad.
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7 Apr 2015 - 5:20 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:35 PM

Professional road cycling still rates, undeniably it's our bread and butter, but issues closer to your day to day lives; things like cycling safety, helmets, registration, and community have significantly out-performed any of our coverage outside of the Tour de France.

This is what you read in 2014.

"This kit may make you feel better about your own fashion choices"
Okay, pretty much everyone in the world read this. A gold kit that looked flesh coloured in the wrong light created one helluva social storm. This was ridiculously popular, producing nearly a month's traffic in a single day. Read more here.

"I just want to get home alive"
When we engaged Matthew Keenan to write a blog about his riding experience in Sydney while he was here commentating the Giro d'Italia in May, we figured it'd get a reaction. Matt's piece resonated because the message was simple, and powerful. "I just want to get home alive." So do we. So does everyone. Read more here.

"Future uncertain for Evans"
The Giro d'Italia over, and Cadel Evans future was again in question. Although it had been ruled out earlier in the season Jim Ochowicz's confirmation that Evans would not ride the Tour de France brought significant interest for Australians - setting up a first Tour without the decorated BMC man since his debut in 2005. Read more here.

"Five reasons bike registration doesn't make sense"
Off the back of rumours that NSW Minister Duncan Gay had asked his department to look at cyclist registration, the community was up in arms. But rather than push back with vitriol, we took the high road and asked Bicycle Networks' Chris Jones and David Halfpenny for permission to republish this gem. Five points. Clear arguments. Done. Read more here.

"Several cyclists hit by car in Sydney"
Keeping with a theme. An event that rocked the whole of Australia in March, Southern Cross Drive. While the man at fault has now been charged the incident at the time was simply shocking. Fortunately, nobody was killed, but the carnage, images of bikes strewn down the highway the length of an Olympic swimming pool spoke of the terror the rider's faced. Read more here.

"Cav's apology won't heal my wounds, says Gerrans"
Rounding things out is, incredibly, the only story from our biggest traffic event, the Tour de France. When Simon Gerrans crashed hard on Stage 1 in Harrogate, after Mark Cavendish veered into him in the sprint, the Australian was, understandably pretty peeved. Though Cavendish apologised, the damage for Gerrans was done. Read more here.