Current UCI Hour Record holder Matthias Brändle has accepted that his record is likely to be broken sooner rather than later, and that Australia's Rohan Dennis might just be the man to do it.
Cycling Central

7 Apr 2015 - 5:20 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:35 PM

The IAM Cycling rider broke Jens Voigt's short-lived record in October, increasing the distance ridden on a velodrome in one hour to 51.852km.

With Dennis's attempt to take place in Grechen, Switzerland on Sunday, Brändle told Cycling Weekly that he was resigned to the fact that it was inevitable that someone would better his distance.

"Just like I took the record from Jens [Voigt], I know somebody will
take it from me. I cross my fingers for Rohan that everything goes well
for him," Brändle said.

"I've already had it for three months, so I was not worried about losing it to Jack, and won't be tomorrow."

His record gained new respect after Jack Bobridge fell short of it by 500 metres in his Melbourne attempt last weekend.

wasn't in the best shape when I did my ride, but I think some people
underestimate the record. Some people think it's easy to ride 52
kilometres," added Brändle.

"Most people would have said Jack
would have broken it, maybe nine out of 10 people would have said that.
But it's really hard, and it's not for everybody."

Dennis told Cycling Central on Friday that he is still just as confident as he was before Bobridge's attempt.

"It's almost a little bit of a relief - not that I was hoping that Jack wouldn't break the record - but it does take some of the pressure off myself."

Watch Dennis tackle the hour, 2350 AEDT on SBS 2 and online at Cycling Central.