Simon Gerrans' return to cycling has hit another speed-bump after the Orica-GreenEDGE rider fractured his elbow during Strade Bianche.
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7 Apr 2015 - 5:20 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:35 PM

The former Australian champion lined up on Saturday in his first race of the year after a broken collarbone in December ruled him out of the early season races.

"To be starting the season a bit later and having seen so much racing happen until this point in time, I was really keen to get amongst it," Gerrans wrote on his website.

Harsh winds coupled with the iconic white gravel roads made positioning all important in the 200km epic. Gerrans crashed 110km into the race, landing awkwardly on his elbow.

"It was an incident that happened on the bitumen, so not even on the gravel section, and it was just a silly little racing incident that could have happened in any race," Gerrans said.

"The guy just in front of me touched the wheel in front of him, we were going quite slow because it was on a small climb, and I had no where to go so I hit the brakes hard to avoid him.

"I went up on my front wheel and then I got hit from behind so it took me over the front.

"I put my hands down to break my fall and that's how I must have injured my elbow."

Gerrans was eager to rejoin the race but it soon become apparent that he was injured.

After withdrawing from the race, X-rays showed a small fracture in the radial head of his elbow.

"Basically, the doctor at the hospital said we should put it in a cast for about three weeks and that I need to keep the elbow immobile while it heals," Gerrans explained.

"But funnily enough, it's an injury I have had in the past. I had the same sort of fracture to this same elbow in the 2010 Tour de France so it's not something I am unfamiliar with.

"Back then I was about ten days in a cast and I rode the home trainer nearly that entire period and then I was back on the road pretty quickly.

"I am really hoping it's going to be a similar scenario here, where I will keep the cast on my arm for ten days or so, where I plan to spend quite a bit of time on the home trainer and then I hope to be back on the road a few days prior to Catalunya and still racing there."