Lloyd Mondory has failed an out-of-competition test for the banned blood-booster EPO, the UCI announced, the third positive case involving his AG2r-La Mondiale team in recent years.

7 Apr 2015 - 5:20 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:35 PM

"The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announces that it has notified French rider Lloyd Mondory of an Adverse Analytical Finding of EPO in a sample collected in the scope of an out-of-competition control on 17 February 2015," the UCI said in a statement.

"In accordance with UCI Anti-doping Rules, the rider has been provisionally suspended until the adjudication of the affair."

The AG2r-La Mondiale rider, who could face a two-year ban or be suspended for four years under the new World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code, has the right to request that his B sample be tested.

Mondory is the third AG2r-La Mondiale rider to fail a dope test in just over two years after Steve Houanard (EPO) and Sylvain Georges (the stimulant heptaminol) in Sept. 2012 and May 2013.

"He's the third Frenchman to fail a test in three years, it's astonishing. I feel ashamed, betrayed and discouraged. The whole team will be soiled," said team manager Vincent Lavenu, who led Jean-Christophe Peraud to second overall in last year's Tour.

Mondory turned professional in 2004 and has spent his entire career at
AG2R, winning the French Cup in 2006, and riding in the Tour de France
in 2009 and 2010.

Two days before the positive test, Mondory
finished seventh in the Clasica Almeria race and recently had his
contract extended until 2016.

"I feel a sense of betrayal, he's been with us for 12 years and now the team's reputation will be tarnished," Lavenu said.

"I cannot handle this, there has been too much work and too much investment. My life is cycling and when the International Cycling Union contact us, it is always shameful (to receive this kind of information)."

"(Mondory) was in tears but his explanation doesn't convince me. I hope he has the courage to tell the truth and not hide behind false excuses."

The French WorldTour team suspended themselves for a week in June 2013 under the regulations of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC), a group of teams who agreed to implement anti-doping rules tougher than those of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

MPCC regulations state that a team must suspend themselves from racing for eight days in the case of multiple positive tests in the past 12 months.