• Heinrich Haussler has found the Giro a much tougher challenge than the brochures suggested. (Getty Images/AFP)Source: Getty Images/AFP
Heinrich Haussler had never taken part in the Giro d'Italia before this year, but a sloppy spring campaign made him reassess his plans. What was meant to be a chance for the Australian journeyman to snag some success has turned out it to be much more than he'd bargained for.
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26 May 2015 - 10:22 AM  UPDATED 8 Dec 2015 - 6:26 PM

"I arrived at the Giro without knowing what to expect. I wanted to show the jersey, but didn’t expect the race to be at such a high level. We are truly full-gas all day and on every stage. This is my first Giro, but I can tell you that it is much harder than the Tour de France," Haussler said in reflection on the second rest day.

Consider what's ahead, Haussler went out for a relatively lengthy two hour ride to best prepare himself for the difficulties to come. While Stage 16 will offer Haussler little in the way of opportunity, the following day to Lugano, or for that matter the finale in Milano are both right up the Australian's alley. To get there though he must continue suffer through some truly horrendous terrain.

“We are on the eve of what will probably be the hardest stage of these three weeks. Having to do the Tonale, the Mortirolo and then two ascents of the Aprica, tomorrow will be very challenging with a ton to get through.

"So if I only did a small ride or no ride at all, there is no way my body would support the kind of workload that we’ll have to do Tuesday if I want to have any hope of making it within the time delay. Looking at the upcoming stages, there aren’t too many opportunities for riders like me to show ourselves.

"The sprinters and the punchers are already thinking about that last sprint in Milan. And then after that, I am looking forward to taking a little break and helping my partner take care of our twins.”

Giro d'Italia broadcast details
SBS will broadcast every stage of the Giro d'Italia live. When possible, we will also live stream the race online here at Cycling Central before the television broadcast begins. In addition to morning highlights online, there will be highlights every day at 6pm on SBS 2.