Bradley Wiggins knows that pace judgement will be the key if he is to break the UCI Hour Record.
Cycling Central

2 Jun 2015 - 1:50 PM 

The former Tour de France winner will go against the clock at the London velodrome on Sunday in an attempt to smash Alex Dowsett's record of 52.937km.

But Wiggins doesn't just want to break the record, he wants to raise it to a whole new level, aiming to reach 55.250km in one hour.

"Pace judgement is everything in the Hour Record," Wiggins said in an interview with Sky Sports.

"If you can ride 16.1 or 16.2 second laps constantly for 221 laps and not go 15.9s, 16.4s - it's keeping it on the line, every lap, lap after lap."
“The most efficient way is to keep the power (constant), and that in itself is a skill. If you look at Alex Dowsett’s (graph), he went like that (upward line) because he went faster, but people like Thomas Dekker (who failed in an attempt in February 2015) were all over the shop.

“It’s like sitting on the motorway in the fast lane revving it in third gear, braking really hard, revving it. It’s just a case of putting it in cruise control at 70mph and sitting. It’s the most efficient way for a record like this.

"It's a skill in itself - knowing your body, knowing how far you can push yourself, and just that feel on the track. Riding a fixed wheel with no distractions - no little inclines, no small descents, no corners to have a small break, no gear changes - it's just a gerbil on the wheel thing. It's constant. There is nothing else to think about other than the black line. Which is why the record is so hard in itself, and not everyone could do it. If it was that easy, everyone can do it."

Hour Record History

52.937km – Alex Dowsett (Great Britain)
Manchester, May 2, 2015

52.491km – Rohan Dennis (Australia)
Switzerland, February 8, 2015

51.852km – Matthias Brändle (Austria)
Switzerland, October 30, 2014

51.115km – Jens Voigt (Germany)
Switzerland, September 18, 2014

49.441km – Chris Boardman (Great Britain)
Manchester, October 27, 2000

49.431km – Eddy Merckx (Belgium)
Mexico City, October 25, 1972