• Rafal Majka takes the win after going solo on the Tourmalet. (EPA)Source: EPA
If you're staying up for the live broadcasts and frequent Twitter, you'll probably be aware of our lovely (but worryingly sleep-deprived) online community. They can mostly be identified by their obsessive Tour fever and use of the hashtag #sbstdf. Here's a little sample of the kind of thing that goes on once the sun goes down...
16 Jul 2015 - 11:44 AM  UPDATED 16 Jul 2015 - 11:48 AM

Tap, tap. This thing on? Then let's begin.

First up. Everyone loves Tomo. This tweeter, however, loves Tomo the most:

Our podcast pundit Michael O'Reilly opines on the finishing line. Always with the'sensible'. If it were us, it'd be an 80-degree corner AND a 25% gradient! 


Lots of this happening on the road over the last couple of days.


Procrastinations: FYI, the hammer is ALWAYS down.

Here's a brand new #sherliggetism (these are the regular and/or bizarre phrases used by the Voices of Cycling, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. There may or may not be a drinking game based around them).

Although this #sherliggetism fan got a bit cosmic. Errrr...  maybe get some sleep tonight, okay?

#trolldj got lots of requests for this after the vache course invasion

Here's that course invasion for those that missed it:

Tune in tonight for more #sbstdf fun and games!


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