• The Liv Avow Advanced women's TT bike (YouTube)Source: YouTube
The Liv Avow Advanced is the first time trial bike designed specifically with women in mind.
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29 Sep 2015 - 11:31 AM 

The Avow Avanced comes in three models ranging from $US 3,000 to $US 8,000, with Australian pricing yet to be announced. The bike targets the performance end of the triathlon and time trial market and offers multiple points of adjustability to ensure fit and comfort.

While frame measurements are not available yet, other bikes in the Liv catalogue indicate a well-thought size range, and materials and contact points suited to women's racing demands.

In what many will see as another positive step forward for women's cycling, the video advertisment for the Avow joins a growing number of 2016 bike releases for women with a marketing focus on performance rather than reasons the bike is well suited to a female anatomy. (When was the last time you saw a bike's marketing campaign focussed squarely on its man-friendly seat, bars and geometry? And would this be enough to convince you to buy it if that were the case?)

The launch of the bike comes at the same time as a controversy regarding New Zealand racer, and Dutch national, Linda Villumsen's choice to use a non-team issue bike for her world championship time trial win. It is believed that Villumsen road a Trek in the race as she was unable to get her position low enough on her UnitedHealthcare team issue Willier.

Villumsen's bold move saw her win a title she that has narrowly missed five times previously. Assuming she keeps her team contract, questions have been raised by fans about whether Willier will produce a bike that offers a better fit for their newest world champion in response.

Villumsen finally claims ITT world title
New Zealand's Linda Villumsen won her first UCI Road World Championship after finishing on the podium on five previous occasions.