• Lance Armstrong (R) and Jonathan Vaugherts in happier days with the US Postal service team (Getty) (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
Cycling is a sport with so many agendas and public enmities that it sometimes takes your breath away. No one seems to ever forgive and forget.
11 Dec 2015 - 9:45 AM  UPDATED 11 Dec 2015 - 9:49 AM

The exchanges between Johan Bruyneel and Jonathan Vaughters are some of the best/worst of those lifelong feuds.

Vaughters is of course still in the sport as the driving force behind the Cannondale-Garmin team, a often hypocritical champion of anti-doping given his personal history.

Bruyneel, on the other hand, is to many evil incarnate because of his long association with Lance Armstrong and as the principle architechect of seven consecutive Tour de France victories fuelled by doping.

Between these two it seems no Tweet or public statement is spared in their ongoing battle. Memories are long and forgiveness remains in short supply, sledging the order of the day.

Just take it outside and settle it once and for all, fellas. Or better yet, do it over a nice glass of vino before hugging it out.