• Giant-Alpecin's John Degenkolb was among a group of riders struck by a driver while training in Spain (Getty) (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
Six Giant-Alpecin riders, including Milan San Remo and Paris Roubaix winner John Degenkolb have been taken to hospital after being struck by a motorist while training in southern Spain.
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24 Jan 2016 - 7:06 AM  UPDATED 28 Jan 2016 - 10:51 AM

John Degenkolb (GER), Warren Barguil (FRA), Chad Haga (USA), Fredrik Ludvigsson (SWE), Ramon Sinkeldam (NED) and Max Walscheid (GER) were the riders involved.

According to reports, the six riders were hit by a car driven by a British citizen on a road near Alicante. The vehicle came from the other direction and drove into the group head on as they were riding two abreast on their side of the road. 

Two helicopters were used in the rescue, emergency services for the Valencia region said on their Twitter feed (@GVA112).

The riders involved in the crash were taken to two hospitals and all are in stable condition. 

"Everyone on the team is in shock right now, and there are some major issues that we need to take care of, but we also realise that we have had some luck on our side," said team physician Anko Boelens (NED).

"Everyone is conscious, stable and approachable, but we are waiting for the latest information and consult the doctors in those hospitals about the treatments needed for the riders." 

Team Giant-Alpecin reports that the recovery of the riders involved in the training accident in Spain is progressing steadily.

Latest update on injuries - 28 January 2015:

Warren Barguil, Fredrik Ludvigsson and Ramon Sinkeldam  are currently home.

“Warren will undergo surgery on Thursday for his scaphoid fracture. This won’t change our earlier estimation of six weeks of recovery needed. Fredrik has already tried his first minutes on the home trainer and is showing good signs of recovery," said team physician Anko Boelens.

The team reported on Monday that further exams that day showed that Sinkeldam also has a fractured scapula. Surgery will not be required, but recovery will take longer than initially expected.

John Degenkolb has returned to Germany for further treatment and recovery in the hospital. “John’s left index finger was damaged in the accident and he will have additional surgery in Germany. As a professional athlete, he needs the functionality back in his finger, and the recovery time for that is extremely difficult to predict," said Boelens.

Degenkolb’s classics campaign unlikely due to car collision aftermath
As the aftermath of last week's horrific car collision becomes clear, it is likely that 2015 Paris-Nice and Milan-San Remo winner, John Degenkolb will be forced to miss this year’s spring classics as he recovers from several, preventable injuries.

Further examinations have shown that Chad Haga will not need surgery on his orbital (eye socket) fracture. “Now the swelling has decreased and surgery won’t be necessary. Chad will be able to leave the hospital and travel home to Gerona, Spain, in the next few days.”

Max Walscheid had successful surgeries on both his tibia and thumb in Germany. He will need to stay in the hospital for a few more days, and his recovery will take some months.

Latest update on injuries - 25 January 2015:

John Degenkolb (GER): “After yesterday’s successful surgery on a cut in his upper leg, John had operations on his hand and fractured forearm this morning, which were successful. He will travel to Germany in the next few days for further treatment to his arm and hand. Then he will also start his recovery process. His immediate focus will be on recovery, which will take time, but it’s difficult to make an estimation at this point,” Boelens said. 

Chad Haga (USA): “Chad did well over the night. He had a successful surgery on his neck and chin wounds and is completely approachable. In several days to one week, he will have surgery on his orbital fracture too. Until then, and to recover following the orbital surgery, he will stay in the hospital for treatment," he said.

Warren Barguil (FRA):  “In France he will undergo an additional examination to determine whether surgery is needed on his fractured scaphoid. His recovery will take a minimum of six weeks, after which he can restart his buildup to competition level," he said. 

Max Walscheid (GER): additional examinations in Germany on his fractured tibia and thumb required. Surgery likely, recovery will take some months.

Fredrik Ludvigsson (SWE): multiple bruised ribs, scratches and bruises all over his body.

Ramon Sinkeldam (NED): recovering from cuts on his knee and chin, which have been stitched, and wounds and bruises all over his body.

“Obviously yesterday’s accident had a huge impact on the team. The recovery of the riders is the first priority, as well as the emotional processing of the event for those who were there. It is clear that the team has been set back some months. It will certainly take time for the team to return to full strength, but everybody will work hard, dedicated and closely together to get there," team CEO Iwan Spekenbrink said. 

Update on injuries - 24 January 2015:

Warren Barguil (FRA): fractured scaphoid; may require surgery but not yet determined.

John Degenkolb (GER): successful surgery on a cut in his upper leg; currently receiving treatment on his hand and a fracture to his forearm.

Chad Haga (USA): was airlifted to a hospital; successful surgery on neck and chin wounds; orbital fracture will be treated later.

Fredrik Ludvigsson (SWE): scratches and bruises all over his body.

Ramon Sinkeldam (NED): scratches and bruises all over his body.

Max Walscheid (GER): fractured hand and tibia; surgery likely required.

“It has been a very tough day for the team and the riders will need time to recover. This team, riders, both men and women, and everyone in the organization, feels like a band of brothers and sisters. Together, and by standing by each other, the team will come out of this stronger than ever,” CEO Iwan Spekenbrink said.