In the deal inked with Canberra-based online cycling retailer and team sponsor,, the entire AMR Renault Racing squad will race with all-new Hide My Bell integrated Garmin mounts fitted to their Cannondale Super Six Evo’s in the time-honoured 228km Grafton to Inverell Classic on 7 May.
Cycling Central

1 Apr 2016 - 9:12 AM 

“I think we all laughed a bit at first, that’s actually why we decided to announce this on April 1st,” team director Russell Menzies said.

“But when you stop and think, it makes plenty of sense. Bicycle bells have been mandatory here in NSW for years now. But since the start of March the fines have risen and the police have been far more active in actually enforcing it, along with other things like reflectors.

"Safety has always been paramount to us, and we want to set a good example to the wider community. It’s also about solidarity. If everyday riders and club cyclists have to do it, we can do it too. Besides, Hide My Bell has a really clever integrated design and only weighs a few grams.”

According to Shane Wolki, Founder and Owner of Pushys, his company couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. “Bells mightn’t be seen as the most desirable piece of cycling kit we stock, but they’re an important safety device. And if the law says you have to have one, I’d say Hide My Bell is a pretty good option. As far as we know this is the first bell sponsorship deal for an elite cycling team anywhere in the world.”

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