• The Giro last visited Sardinia in 2011. (Bettini Photo)Source: Bettini Photo
The Giro d'Italia's 100th edition will start from the island of Sardinia in 2017, organisers announced on Wednesday.
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15 Sep 2016 - 9:28 AM 

The three-week grand tour begins with a stage from Alghero to Olbia before the peloton rides to Tortoli then Cagliari.

The Giro has only visited Sardinia three times , in 1961, 1991, when it hosted the 'grand depart', and 2007.

"Since I've heard the rumours about a Giro Big Start in my Region I've always hoped it was really going to happen, Astana's Fabio Aru said.

"Being here today it's a great feeling and makes me really proud: I'm sure there has been a lot of other decisive factors but even being able to think that my success on a bike could be a positive contribution for making this Big Start happen makes me very happy.


"On top of that, thinking that this is going to be the 100th Giro d'Italia, I couldn't ask for more.

I will make my next year's racing programs with our sport directors at the end of November, but I can certainly say that I wouldn't like to miss a Giro that starts in my Sardinia for anything in the world."

The rest of the course will be unveiled on Oct. 25, eight days after the Tour de France route is announced in Paris.