• Wanty-Group Gobert's Yoann Offredo. (Getty)Source: Getty
Wanty-Group Gobert rider Yoann Offredo has alleged he was attacked with a baseball bat and box cutter while out on a training ride.
Cycling Central

25 Apr 2017 - 8:57 AM 

Offredo, who recently finished 14th at both Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, posted images and his story of the altercation with an attacker on his Facebook account.

“I started cycling at the age of 12 with all the recklessness that goes with it. I was far from suspecting that this passion would become a profession, that of a cyclist," he wrote.

“I was also far from suspecting that during my career I was going to meet magical people, some of whom will leave way too soon.

“I was also far from imagining that this trade would be so dangerous.

“I was also far from imagining that my job would sometimes come at the risk to my life.

"Today, [I am the] victim of an assault, with a box cutter and a baseball bat while training with two friends.

"Result, a broken nose, a rib in a sorry state and bruises all over the body, but on top of the physical injuries, I'm particularly shocked."

Offredo did not specify where the attack took place, except to say it happened "in the country of human rights". He also said that the sport was becoming too dangerous.

"I'm just sad to find that this beautiful sport that I like, I do not want my kids to do ... [it is] too dangerous.

“You leave for training in the morning, but you never know if you're going home.”