• Richie Porte is already thinking of the 2018 Tour de France. (Getty)Source: Getty
Richie Porte has focused forward on a 2018 Tour de France bid after crashing out of the 104th edition he is now watching with some bitterness from home.
Sophie Smith

Cycling Central
15 Jul 2017 - 5:16 AM 

Speaking to Australian media, Porte was contradictory about the Mont du Chat descent that ended his first concerted title campaign, and critical of short stages, like the 13th today, included in the course this season.

“We did it [the Mont du Chat descent] in the Dauphine and it was fine. I didn't really have a problem with it in that race," Porte said.

"But then to throw the rain in, the amount of guys that crashed and that basically every rider was questioning the safety of that descent, I think the organisers do need to have a look at that.

“I just don't think it's necessary. For me growing up as a big fan of cycling, I preferred to watch the races where they finished at the top of the mountain."

Porte's broken bones a big blow to BMC
Richie Porte has abandoned the Tour de France leaving his devastated team to wonder what may have been.

Porte is currently recovering from a fractured collarbone and pelvis at his Monaco base and is due to fly to Utah in three weeks to commence rehabilitation with BMC Racing doctors. He has reconciled that he may not race again this season and if he does it won't be competitively.

“Looking at it now, this season's Tour de France, yes, I went in with probably the best form I've been in but it wasn't a great course for me with all of the three hill-top finishes and two short time trials," he said.

"It was a bit of a joke of a course. It's not really a traditional Tour de France and I don't really know that they got it right."

That being said, retribution is a motivating factor in his recovery.

“Now I'm super motivated for the Tour de France 2018. For me, that's the biggest thing. Hopefully next year it's a route that can actually suit my abilities,” Porte added.

“They [BMC] 100 per cent backed me this year and it looks like the same for next year. Also, I think the team will strengthen the roster around me.”

Porte said he had been "earmarked" to compete at the Vuelta a España after the Tour this season, but those plans have now been scrapped.

The Tasmanian's injuries were perceived to be minor relative to his fall at 70km/h, which occurred when he tapped the brakes and his rear wheel locked.

“It's easy for a doctor to say the injuries are not so bad, but it feels like my body is on fire with the amount of skin that I've lost," Porte said.

"It's pretty painful and I guess a bit depressing. I really feel like I would have been up for a great result, it's a bit hard to take now.”

Porte watched stage 12 of the Tour on Thursday and despite his former Sky teammate Chris Froome proving fallible still picked the defending champion for the win.

“Who do Astana have to control the race? They just don't have a team to ride. People forget how hard it is to have a team that can control,” Porte said.

“For me, I think Chris might need to eat a bit more in stages like that. I think that's all that was yesterday was a bit of a hunger knock. Now [Fabio] Aru has got that [yellow] jersey he's got all that pressure that Chris has had to deal with.

"It's not going to be easy. If Chris can freshen up, he's got the team.”